Reason for deletion: Talks about video and less on the actual murderer

1 Maniac, 1 Pick (also known as 1 Lunatic, 1 Pick) is a real-life snuff film created specifically for an online audience, it has a similar name to a more infamous snuff film known as 3 Men, 1 Hammer but differs in the fact that this film was recorded with the sole purpose of sharing it online.

Due to the fact many online snuff films now exist there is a rising "moral panic" on how sociopaths and terrorists are using the internet to gain new audiences - some blame it on the modern world being more "corrupt" than it was in the past, in reality however this is not true and there is no evidence the world is getting worse, it is simply an evolution of serial-killer and  thrill killer mentality to switch to computers while in the past they would use video-tapes or letters.

1 Maniac, 1 Pick is a 11-minute video originally titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick and was uploaded to depicting a naked male tied to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a kitchen knife, then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia. The perpetrator uses a knife and fork to cut off some of the flesh and gets a dog to chew on the body. During the video, the 1987 New Order song "True Faith" plays in the background and a poster for the 1942 film Casablanca is visible on the wall Canadian authorities were able to obtain a "more extensive" version of the video and confirmed that cannibalism may have been performed

Materials promoting the video appeared online at least 10 days before the murder took place.

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