Amyn Radwan Gindia (September 29, 1967-April 26, 2016) is an Austrian serial gunman. He was convicted of two murders, and suspected of an attempted murder, and an armed robbery. He died by his own hand in prison on April 20th, 2016.


Gindia killed a Turkish weapons dealer in 1987[1], and a member of the Gendarmerie in 1989.[1] He was convicted in 1992.[1]

Release and robbery

In November 2014 Gindia was released.[1] He was free for just three months.[1] Following a failed robbery at a Vienna shoppping centre Gindia shot at a policeman.[1] He received minor injuries when police shot back.[1] At trial he was intending to argue he intended to commit suicide by cop, and missed the officer on purpose.[1]


Days before a scheduled court hearing Gindia killed himself in the Josefstadt Prison in Vienna.[1] He was being housed in solitary confinement at his own request and his psychiatric health was being monitored.[1]


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