Ante Pavelic
"Kill a third, expel a third, and convert a third."
—Ante Pavelic, on his plans for the Serbs.

Ante Pavelic (July 14th, 1889 - December 28th, 1959) was a Croatian politician from the former Yugoslavia, and the founder of the organization Ustaše.


He ruled a location that was almost completely fascist. This area was near the Adriatic Sea in the northern part of the current independent state of Croatia.

His genocidal policies included the murdering of the Serbs. He was originally the founder of Ustase, a terrorist nationalist group that was extremely Pro Catholic.

He led a manipulative leadership in genocides which included 200,000 Serbs, 70,000 Jews, and almost all of its 30,000 Roma. Due to his reign, even the Germans tried to restrain his bloodbath. By 1945, most of his party had dwindled. After this, he fled to Argentina. He survived an assassination attempt in 1957, but died two years later in Madrid, Spain.


  • According to Adolf Hitler survival conspiracy theorists, they believe that he meet Pavelic in Argentina. They point out the accounts of Hernán Ancin, who worked for Pavelic as a carpenter. Ancin never knew that his boss was a wanted dictator, but he recognized Hitler and Eva Braun when they visited Pavelic. He noticed that Hitler was very polite while Eva looked like she suffered a great deal.
  • Pavelic use to eat it's victims eyeballs in soups and collect eyeballs in general. [1].