"We've been shouting, but you keep ignoring us." -A common Anti-Autism Speaks statement.

Autism Speaks is a highly controversial Autism advocacy organization.


The group was founded in 2005 by Bob and Susan Wright after their grandson was diagnosed with Autism.


Autism speaks is the largest Autism advocacy Autism organization, however, that does not mean it is true, even though so many people believe it's claims. It has issued various statements, in which they compare Autism to kidnappers, in addition to claiming that Autism is a disease that needs to be eliminated. They also hold the false belief that Autistic people are retarded. In addition, not one of their board members is Autistic. Less than 4% of their several-million dollar budget goes to family services, with them instead being out to fill their leader's pockets, in addition to donating to Eugenics.


  • They are unaware of how hateful their message is, such as when on their 10th birthday, they stated that their message was hopeful.


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