Christopher Scarver

Christopher Scarver (July 6, 1969 - ) was an inmate known for the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson, fellow inmates. He described the killings as "work of god". He likely killed these inmates because their crimes affected African-Americans.

Scarver was arrested in 1992 because he shot Steve Lohman on June 1, 1990. He was robbing a training program office and killed Lohman because he only received $15.

In 2015, Scarver told the New York Post that the reason he killed Jeffrey Dahmer was because he was unrepentant for his crimes. Scarver alleges that Dahmer used to mold his food to look like severed body parts and would drizzle ketchup on them to look like blood. He claims that Dahmer taunted other inmates and made them uncomfortable.

Scarver said he had never interacted with Dahmer before the murder. He said he was disgusted by Dahmer's crimes and carried a newspaper clipping about the crimes in his pocket.

On the day of the murder, Scarver says the guards allowed him to be alone with Dahmer during work detail. According to Scarver, this was not an accident. He believes that the prison staff allowed him to be alone with Dahmer for the purpose of killing him. Scarver says he went up to Dahmer and showed him the newspaper clipping and asked him if it was true. Dahmer confirmed to Scarver that the information was true. Scarver then took a metal bar that was part of some exercise equipment and started beating Dahmer with it. The medical examiner says that Dahmer did not fight back.

Once Jeffrey Dahmer was dead, Scarver went into the other room and killed Jesse Anderson the same way. He killed him to eliminate a witness.

In 2012, Scarver said he was writing a tell-all book on the Dahmer murder. He claimed that he was going to write about Dahmer's last words, and he was going to spill a bunch of secrets. Apparently, he thought this would get him a high paying book deal. It did not. Nobody took the bait, and so far, he has not signed any book deals.