Christopher Dewayne Warsaw is a rapist and hostage-taker from California. Warsaw took his girlfriend and her 14-year-old daughter hostage in the girlfriend's Inglewood apartment in 2013. He raped the teenage daughter.

When police arrived after being called to a disturbance, Warsaw told them he would die for what he had done and a gun battle erupted between him and the police. Nobody was hurt but one officer's life was saved by his bulletproof vest. Warsaw eventually surrendered.

After a trial he was convicted of nine counts of attempted murder of a peace officer, nine counts of assault on a peace officer with a semi-automatic firearm, two counts of false imprisonment of a hostage, one count of forcible rape, one count of kidnapping, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. An attempted appeal failed due to the overwhelming evidence against the convict.

His prior convictions include a 1989 voluntary manslaughter offense.


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