Hell forever and ever
Damnation is a common concept in religion where people are doomed to torment for eternity, normally in response to the crimes they have comited. It is also the opposite of Salvation.


In conservative Christianity, damnation is generally seen as reserved for those who don't not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will go when they die, especially grown-ups who know about the bible, though in the strictest forms, it does not matter if you hear or how well you know the gospel. To others; it is generally seen as a place where spirits manifesting much evil go when they die. In Liberal christianity and Universalism; on the other hand; they generally reject the existance of Hell or damnation period.


In Islam; damnation follows a similar suit to Christianity. In conservative Islam; generally only a select few will not be damned or only those who accept Islam. Others reject damnation period, though universalism is far more rare in Islam.

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