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David J Stewart is an American Christian fundalmentalist and the founder of "Jesus is". He is known for his extreme restrictivist views and harshly anti-gay and pro-misogynist views  (being a bit worse than Rick Perry). He considers himself to be the only reliable "prophet" and even considers himself to be second next to the Lord Jesus Christ. He has also made; along with some of his organizers on his website; comments such as women being inferior to men and supporting child abuse and rape. 

Recently, he has edited his articles and removed material that may offend his audience and he simply states that his intentions are not to judge or condemn others but to expose the truth of the effects of sin. Though he has expressed anti-gay views, he has also crticised the notorious anti gay hate group Westboro Baptist Church by their hatred towards sinners (which is hypocritcal according to God as He expresses that the entire humanity is sinful in the Bible) and their picketing at funerals.  

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