Delilah is a Biblical villainess, because she has seduced and betrayed Samson after he trusted and fell in love with her.  Samson thought he found a lover, but in fact Delilah is a tricking, treacherous, seductive, deceiving and cunning femme fatale, and Samson's ultimate enemy, because she knew his two weaknesses are that he has a curious attractiveness towards untrusty women and his hair by looking at him.


Delilah has betrayed Samson for the dirty money


Delilah is a Phillistinian woman; who told the lords of Phillistine about the secrets of Samson after she discovered his true strengths and weaknesses.  When Samson fell asleep thinking he had someone to love, she does the unthinkable by cutting more than three layers of the thick locks of Samson's hair in his sleep.  After Samson wakes up, he notices that his whole hair has been cut off, and then she calls him to the hall to trick him and betray him to the Phillistines.  She got paid with lots of money from the Phillistine Lords after betraying Samson to the evil soldiers, and she gets away with it.