Elagabalo (203 o 204-222 d.C) - Musei capitolini - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 15-08-2000

A bust of Elagabalus

Elagabalus was the 25th ruler of the Roman Empire. When he was a boy he was made the priest to the god Elagabalus, overtime he began to think he was was Elagabalus. He's on this wiki because he was hopelessly insane, he played pranks such as hiding lions in wardrobes,  when he had dinner guests, making his guests eat rocks and putting them to death on a whim. He also started his own lottery where winners could receive wealth, property or slaves or alternatively dead dogs, angry bees and flies. He also killed children and used their guts to predict the future, but only killed children with two parents so they would be twice as sad. He murdered and tortured for fun, squandered Rome's funds on personal indulgence. He was eventually killed when his own Army turned on him and his body was thrown into the Tiber.

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