Gina Rinehart (1954-) is an Australian mining heiress and one of the richest women in the world. She is known for her extreme capitalist views, once stating that Australians should be glad to work for as little as $2 a day and that becoming a millionaire should be easy enough. She is strongly opposed to any mining taxes, despite Australia's mining industry being the most prosperous and therefore the most economically dependable source.

Her plans to expand the mining sector have been rumoured to have come at a cost to the Australian environment, as numerous heritage sites are under threat from several mining divisions. She has also been revealed to have done business with the Rio Tinto organisation, which has a shady reputation regarding environmentalism and human rights.

Gina Rinehart is also a shareholder of several media outlets such as the Ten Network and Fairfax Media[1] . She has been buying more and more of Fairfax's sharses each year and was rumoured to have had plans to involve herself in their editorial processes. Fearing that she would use Fairfax as a platform for her mining propaganda, the chairman denied her this request.

Her accusations of Australians being lazy and entitled has been seen as blatant hypocrisy, since she inherited her wealth from her father. She accused her father's second wife (who was only 6 years older than Gina) of being a gold-digger, before marrying a successful lawyer nearly twice her own age.

Her self-centered attitude has made her a source of hatred amongst struggling Australians who have to endure unemployment rates, rising property prices and competition from other job-seekers. Even her own children can't stand her.

Gina does have her redeeming traits. She is reported as supporting underprivileged girls in Cambodia.

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