In 1921 in the neighborhood of greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma, a race riot broke out, what was once a vibarent community with an all black community of 10,000, boasting over 600 successful buissness.


During the time of the great depression, where some economic problems were affecting the white communaties, and not affecting the black communaties at all, at this time period practice of lynching blacks for sport for bored white people was common


for 16 hours straight the white mob attacked and when they were done, and their blood lust was filled, nobody was hauled away, taken to jail, or arrested they disbanded, 300 black men women and children were dead, said to have been buried in mass graves, 800 injured, and 10,000 were left homeless, 35 cityblocks, 1,256 residence were destroyed by fire causing $1.8 million dollars worth of property damage, the communaty of greenwood was completely destroyed.