"In 1916, the bloated castrated body of a man was dragged from the freezing waters of the Neva River in St. Petersburg. Almost beyond recognition, it was later identified as that of the most notorious monk in history. To his enemies Grigori Rasputin was the incarnation of evil; he destroyed anyone who dared to cross his path to power. Implicated in murder, corruption and the eventual destruction and execution of the Romanov royal family, Rasputin was instrumental in wiping out the 300-year-old dynasty changing the history of Russia forever."
"Introduction to a documentary about Rasputin"
Grigori Rasputin 1916

Rasputin in 1916

Grigori Rasputin (January 22nd, 1869 - December 30th, 1916) the mad monk of Russia was responsible for the deaths of thousands because of the incompetence of the Russian monarchy. This was due to the arguably negative influence by the ambitious, impulsive monk. Many people believe that Rasputin was the source of Russia problems and he was a demon in disguise as a man and his notorious death confirmed it for most people. He was also a theft in his youth and a rapist thinking that only by committing sins can you please Yahweh. After he supposedly saved the life of the empresses son he was given a position in the royal house. Russia went to war against Germany and empress gave all her trust to Rasputin who was the royal adviser at the time and Rasputin influence over her lead to disastrous consequences. Nicholas knew how insane and wicked the mad monk was but in the end, he gave in. Many soldiers lost their lives in the war and there were many generals who took their own lives. Eventually, Rasputin and the empress were declared responsible and a rebellion ensued. First, several assassination attempts were made on Rasputin, until he was mutilated and thrown into the river by Felix Yusupov and other members of the royal family. The royals were promptly imprisoned and executed by the Communists.