Hate Group is an organization that is seen as being dangerous or immoral due to supporting discriminatory or violent ideals, the use of the term is not without controversy however as many in the far-right or far-left see it as a term used to demonize their cause and many who join these groups genuinely believe them to be benefitial.

The most extreme examples of Hate Groups would be those we have come to know as terrorists, such as Al Queda - as well as outlawed groups such as the Ku Klux Klan: these groups engage in exceptionally violent acts and as such are under constant monitoring by authorities as high up as the military (in the case of terrorist groups) and organizations such as the FBI or CIA (for outlawed groups).

However a great many groups classed as Hate Groups are not outlawed, this makes it extremely difficult to deal with them and the topic is controversial as such groups have a right to exist under freedom of speech: yet many of these groups have been involved in violence or at the least have supported the use of such and for this reason they are often targetted by authorities and public alike, who push for them to be outlawed.

Real World

Terrorist Organizations

  • Al-Qaeda (Militant Islam)

Outlawed Hate Groups

IMPORTANT NOTE: Outlawed groups may not be illegal in every country, they may only be outlawed in certain states or areas - thus a group that is outlawed in one country/state may be legal in another.

  • National Front (White Supremacy)
  • Ku Klux Klan (White Supremacy)
  • White Aryan Resistance (White Supremacy)
  • New Black Panther Party (Black Supremacy)


  • BNP (British National Party - British Nationalism / White Supremacy / Anti-Immigration)
  • English Defence League (Islamophobia)
  • Westboro Baptist Church (Extreme malicious homophobia and hatred towards almost everyone; led by Fred Phelps)
  • Nation of Islam (Black Supermacy & "Islamic Fundamentalism")
  • The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (Chirstian Identity/ With elements of American Nationalism or Neo-conferdate)
  • Sovereign citizen (Anti-American government / American Nationalism / Ex-White Supremacy or White Supermacy by some)
  • Autism speaks

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