Flag of Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a violent radical Shi'ite Militant Islamic organization and political party based in Lebanon. Hezbollah is well known for launching dozens of terrorist attacks against the State of Israel and is backed by Iran given dozens of rockets and funding from the Iranian Government.



Hezbollah is a radical Shi'ite Political Party and has followed the ideology that the Iranian Leader has created himself. Hezbollah was formed by the followers of the Iranian Ayatollah and plans to spread the Iranian Revolution. When the Hezbollah Manifesto was first created, the goal was to force all French, American and their allies out of Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. Hezbollah is also one of Israel's enemies as both sides have been at war for many years now. Hezbollah has huge majorities in Shia dominate areas of Lebanon especially in the south where they have control over five southern provinces

Military Power

Hezbollah is rumored to have around 65,000 Active Fighters and is considered to be more powerful than the Lebanese Military as a whole. Hezbollah has over 33,000 Rockets and many of them are powerful enough to reach the city of Tel Aviv.