Save Our Children From Homosexuality Brochure

Homophobia is the fear or hatred of anyone that is defined as having homosexual tendencies, or if they're a member of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender group (LGBTQ) It can range from contempt to outright physical contact from people who oppose their sexual orientation. 

There are several sources for this intolerance towards homosexuals, such as from religious teachings, such as in "Leviticus 18" in which it states that it is an abomination to lie with another person of the same gender. This is dispite several critics pointing out that in the orginal translations the message was closer to "It is an ambomination for a man to lie with a boy" or believe that the Bible meant something else when it described this law, and sometimes believe that an early person disagreed about same-sex couple and wrote about it in the Bible to prohibit it. 

There are also many derogatory terms that come with this prejudice, such as faggot, dyke, or cis-person.


Richard Dawkins Obliterates homophobes03:52

Richard Dawkins Obliterates homophobes

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