The Irish Republican Army were a paramilitary organization based in Ireland. The most infamous version of the paramilitary organization was the Provisional Irish Republican Army which were active between 1969 to 2005, and have been on ceasefire since 1997.

As militant Irish republicans, the organization sought to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom. The IRA are viewed by some as "counter terrorists", they emerged a year after the Civil Rights campaign in which nationalist citizens demanded equal rights in a society dominated by Ulster loyalists.

They not only carried out terrorist acts in Ireland but occasionally in England for what the saw as opponents of a predominant Irish republic.

The exact number of deaths attributable to the organization is a subject of debate, however the most common figures range somewhere between 1,000 and 1,700.

The Provisional Irish Republican army declared a ceasefire in 1997 and was declared disestablished in 2005.


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