Lev Kamenev in 1922-1

Isidore Ramishvili (Georgian: ისიდორე რამიშვილი) (July 8, 1859 – 1937) was a Georgian Social Democratic politician, journalist, and one of the leaders of Menshevik movement in Imperial Russia.

During the Russian Revolution of 1905, he was elected to the First State Duma for the Kutais Governorate and became one of its leading Menshevik deputies. He also chaired the proceedings that resulted in Joseph Stalin’s expulsion from the party. Arrested in 1908, he remained in exile in Astrakhan until the Russian Revolution of 1917. He briefly served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet, but the Bolshevik October coup forced him to return to his native Georgia, where he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1919. From summer 1918 to September 1920, he was an envoy of the Government of Georgia to autonomous Abkhazia. The Red Army invasion of Georgia early in 1921, forced him to retire from politics.

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