Jack Ruby (March 25th, 1911 - January 3rd, 1967) was a Texan nightclub owner with mafia ties. On November 24, 1963, he shot and mortally wounded Lee Harvey Oswald in a public location two days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy which Oswald was officially convicted and solely blamed for but in which he may or may not have been the only culprit. Following his shooting of Oswald, which was famously photographed at the precise moment of its occurrence as seen above, Ruby was swiftly convicted and initially sentenced to death, but he managed to get this verdict overturned due to his understandable motive, that of vigilante justice, and his re–trial for a lesser sentence was put on low–priority queue. However, Jack Ruby died in prison, seemingly of natural causes, before this re–trial could take place, on January 3, 1967.

It has been proposed by many conspiracy theorists that Jack Ruby's murder of Oswald was part of a conspiracy surrounding Kennedy`s assassination and was done in order to stop him from revealing who the other and/or true assassin(s) were(Jack Ruby himself claimed the assassination was a conspiracy!)( Even assuming his motives for killing Oswald were based in simple vigilantism, there is still a strong possibility that Ruby's reckless actions had the same effect of causing information that would have revealed involvement of others in JFK's death to become unknowable.


  • Narcotics: "In some fashion James got the okay to operate through. Jack Ruby of Dallas ."
  • Prostitution: RUBY has operated some prostitution activities and othr vices in his club since RUBY has been in Dallas. Ruby was known around the station for procuring women for different people who came to town
  • Conspirator(?): From this test, it appeared to the panel that Ruby was possibly lying when answering "no" to the question, "Did you assist Oswald in the assassination ?"


  • Timothy McVeigh, after being connected to the Oklahoma City bombing, told police he did not want what happened to Oswald to happen to him.

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