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Jasmine Richardson (formerly known as J.R.) was a 12-year-old Canadian girl who was charged for the murders of her parents and baby brother. The murder occurred in 2006, and it was executed by her and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke.

The reason as to why Jasmine had killed her own flesh and blood was because she was enraged as them for telling her to stay away from Steinke, and that she could live with her boyfriend. It has been stated that she had originally didn't want to kill her younger brother, but she did so anyway, because her boyfriend forced her into it. She stabbed her own brother several times, and her boyfriend finished him off by slashing his throat. They then escaped to a fast food restaurant nearby.

Richardson was eventually put on trial in 2007, and she received a 10-year sentence. She's currently released.

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