"I would never set out to write a story that would put me in a situation like this."
"Jayme Gordon to a judge[1]"

Jayme Gordon is a US cartoonist and fraudster who forged a claim to own the copyright of Kung Fu Panda in a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

Gordon registered vast swathes of work with the US Copyright Office around the millennium, then modified some in 2008 after seeing a Kung Fu Panda trailer and registered his new versions as Kung Fu Panda Power.[2] In 2011 he sued film franchise creator DreamWorks in US federal court, filing sketches very similar to the animated movie's characters.[1] He proposed a $12 million settlement, but DreamWorks rejected this and spent two years defending the action at a cost to them of $3 million.[3]

His scheme collapsed when DreamWorks realised his supposedly original sketches from the early 90s were in fact traced and slightly modified from a Disney coloring book from 1996.[2] Evidence was also adduced in 2012 that Gordon used a computer programme called Permanent Eraser to delete material over three days in April that year.[2] Gordon withdrew his claim.[1]

The Cybercrime Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston got involved,[2] as Gordon is from Randolph, Massachusetts.[3] He was indicted in 2015.[1] He faced four counts of wire fraud alleging four emails sent by lawyers on his behalf, including the proposed settlement, were communications sent across state lines to further hsi fraudulent plans.[4][2] He also faced three counts of perjury, and was convicted of all charges by a federal jury in November 2016.[4][2] Gordon had himself been seeking a jury trial to perpetrate his fraud.[1]

In May 2017, at the age of 51, Gordon's story was completed as he was sentenced to two years in prison.[3] Gordon wept when addressing the judge but continued denying his guilt, while his lawyer noted a history of poor mental health in mitigation.[1]


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