Jerry Bradish was a criminal who raped and killed his own daughter (aged 13 years old) - he evaded justice for several years before DNA evidence finally managed to link him to the crime and he was imprisoned for first degree murder and incest, the judge labeling his crime as "evil of biblical proportions".

Jerry is known for having been one of the first people police made contact with and identified the body of his daughter, faking grief to such a degree officers at the time did not even consider him a suspect.

He lured his daughter from a home for runaways due to her frequently running away from home and drove her to the surrounding countryside where he raped and strangled her before dumping her naked body in the open with no attempt to cover said body.

When finally convicted of his crime he seemed to accept his "past had caught up with him" but did not show visible remorse over the murder of his own biological offspring.