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Joshua Davies is a British teenage murderer who gained infamy in the press for his brutal assault and subsequent killing of his ex-girlfriend after he and his friends texted each other in and out of school talking about committing murder, to which one of Joshua's friends texted him offering a "free breakfast" if he killed his girlfriend and all three friends celebrated afterwards with a police station across the road none of them reported it but continued their lives as normal not a second thought to what the psycho (he have been called this in the British press and he proudly called himself psycho on his bebo account)

However Joshua had been planning to kill Rebecca for quite some time in many different ways, and talked about it for many months before and spread vicious rumours around the school about Rebecca who was a family girl beautiful and intelligent who wanted to become a Barrister she had a large circle of friends -

Davies from Aberkenfig South Wales has been found guilty and given a life sentence for a minimum of 14 years for his crime.

Rebecca was lured into woodland by Joshua, who played on her trust before beating her skull in with a rugby-sized rock and leaving her face down in the rain - at the time of the attack the two were separated and it was believed Rebecca had hoped their meeting was a sign Joshua was going to renew the relationship as he had been telling her they were getting back for weeks.

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