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Kan Woon-tsz is a former student nurse from Hong Kong. After her married lover broke off their affair she stabbed him at his home and again in his driveway, before driving him home. She attacked him again in his car and a fourth time when they got there.

Kan had been married in 2008, but he was unfaithful and they separated in 2011.[1] She later enrolled at Baptist University to study nursing.[2] In January 2015 she began an affair with married salesman Cheng Pak-yiu whom she met on social media.[3] After five months Cheng told Kan his wife was pregnant and ended the affair.[2] Kan quickly realised Cheng was lying and she was pregnant herself.[1] Cheng said he was not the father but accompanied her for an abortion,[2] telling Kan to "handle it as soon as possible".[1]

On January 12th, 2016 Kan, upset at the end of the relationship, received Cheng at her Sheung Shui home.[2] While he was there she poured an unidentified substance over him and stabbed him from behind.[3] Cheng crawled out to his car where Kan again stabbed him.[1] She sent his wife photos of his clothes in her home and then offered drive him home to Tseung Kwan O.[2] She again stabbed him during the ride and when they arrived.[3] His wife and mother both called looking for him; she told his mother "I can’t guarantee he can return in one piece."[1] Chengs parents eventually found them at Kin Ming Estate after she used his phone to call them, and she was arrested once they were both at Tseung Kwan O Hospital.[3]

At trial she claimed she was defending herself,[3] but admitted she became angry after she found him talking to other women and investigating compensated dating on his smartphone.[2] She was convicted of four counts of wounding with intent and one count of criminal intimidation.[3] After a court-ordered psychiatric report found she was not mentally ill the judge jailed her for three years and eight months.[1]


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