Karol Kot also known as the Cracov Vampire (December 18th, 1946 - May 16th, 1968) a Polish serial killer, known for murdering 2 people, trying to kill 10, and 4 burnings.


Kot spent his whole life in Kraków. He and his much younger sister were looked after by their unemployed mother. He had no problems at school, although there was an unsuccessful attempt to enter a technical college for communications. Kot suffered a nervous breakdown because of failing one of the subjects at college. Eventually, he was allowed to study at another technical college, where he passed the school-leaving examinations. Kot was arrested before his matura exam but he was allowed to write the examination in order to prove that he was sane and he will not plead insanity during the trial. The verdict was declared on 14 July 1967. Kot was declared guilty and sentenced to death as well as he lost citizen rights. The sentence was carried out on 16 May 1968.

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  • The Discovery Historia channel released a episode of Seryjni Mordercy (Serial Killers) about him titled Był sobie chłopiec (There was a boy...).

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