"We stopped at the liquor store. I got out the van with they ass and jumped in the Cadillac, those busters, they scared."
"Keefe D "

Duane Keith Davis (born 1964 (?)) Also known as Keefe D or Keffe D is the former leader of the Southside Crips. He is the uncle of Orlando Anderson.


He is barrel-chested black man with a front tooth missing. Possibly age of 51, he is a former drug dealer.


Current (in Today): Unknown

Former (in Past): Southside Crips leader, Drug dealer

Murder Confession of Tupac

After his nephew Orlando Anderson was beaten up by rapper Tupac Shakur and others, he and his men (Dre and T-Brown) went to get revenge by killing Shakur drive-by shooting. Davis claimed his nephew pulled the trigger and they drove away in a white, four-door, late-model Cadillac. They went to a hotel where they smoked weed and drank, according to Davis's claims. He has not been charged with Shakur's murder.


Keefe D in DeathRow Chronicles

Keefe D is still alive during over the years, he is the last one who is Alleged Tupac shooting, but he got cancer. And then do it for 2018 at DeathRow Chronicles.