Solomon was the third king of Israel whose father was King David and his mother was Queen Bathsheba. He succeeded to the throne after David's death. He was known for his great wisdom from God and riches and even the Queen of Sheba went to see if his wisdom was true. However, when he was older, he drifted into sin. According to 1 Kings 11:4 it said that his wives turned his heart away from the true worship of Jehovah to other gods and built temples for them. He also had many horses. He thought that the law didn't include him. He also tried to kill his general Jeroboam when the prophet Ahijah told him that he would be crowned king. He later fled from Solomon's anger and waited until he died. He ruled Israel (once, after Solomon's death, the Kingdom had been divided into two Kingdoms) for forty years. After Solomon died, his son Rehoboam ruled the southern half of the divided Kingdom called the Kingdom of Judah.