Klaus Barbie

Klaus Barbie (October 25th, 1913 - September 25th, 1991) was a member of the Nazi Party and was a Gestapo member. He earned the nickname The Butcher of Lyon by brutally torturing prisoners in Lyon, France.  Klaus was rewarded by Adolf Hitler himself for his campaign against the French resistance. According to historians, he was even responsible for murdering over 14,000 people.

After World War II was over, Klaus lived in Bolivia for 20 years.  However, the Bolivian president Hernan Siles Zuazo arrested Barbie in 1983. In 1984, Barbie was sent to France to face charges of his crimes in World War II. On July 4th, 1987; Klaus Barbie was charged with crimes against humanity and was sentenced to life in prison. Four years later, Klaus died in prison of leukemia and spine and prostate cancer.