Soyuz Voinstvuyushchikh Bezbozhnikov Membership Card

Membership card of the organization

The League of Militant Atheists (Russian: Союз воинствующих безбожников Soyuz voinstvuyushchikh bezbozhnikov); Society of the Godless (Общество безбожников Obshchestvo bezbozhnikov); Union of the Godless (Союз безбожников Soyuz bezbozhnikov) was an extremist Far-Left, Communist organization that sought to repress and destory everything related to religion and promote, spread and enforce the policies and beliefs of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. 

The League of Militant Atheists was created in an attempt to sqiush out and quell anything related to religion and its manifestos all throughout Soviet Russian Society because religious values were against the beliefs and standards set up by the Communist Party and the Marxist Ideology. The League had published countless magizines, newspapers, and journals to demonize and delegitimize religion and also set up and held public speeches, lectures, marches and public demonstrations. They also made films and other propaganda-like material and set up Anti-Religious Museums to brutally enforce and support their endless effort to destroy any fragment of religion in the Soviet Union.

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