Marquis de Sade

Marquis de Sade (June 2nd, 1740 – December 2nd, 1814) was a controversial figure in history and has become immortalized as the "father" of sadism - although he by no means "created" the perversion he did a great deal to expose it to the public, who found it both fascinating and disturbing.

Marquis de Sade's infamy is sufficent that he has become the antagonist of several works of fiction, inspired villains and has become so associated with sadism that the modern word "Sadist" and "Sadism" derive from his last name "Sade".   

Fictional Portrayals

  • The Skull of Marquis de Sade (a collector becomes possessed by the evil spirit of the Marquis when he adds Sade's stolen skull to his collection)
  • House of de Sade (X-rated film combines sex and S&M in a house haunted by de Sade's spirit.)
  • Waxworks (horror film. In this one, people are drawn through the tableaux in a chamber of horrors into the lives of the evil men they represent. Two of the characters are transported to the world of the Marquis, where they are tormented by Sade and a visiting prince)
  • Night Terrors (a horror film playing on Marquis last days and his boogeyman image, while also showing a fictional descendant of Sade, who happens to be a serial-killer)
  • Marquis de Singe (a character in Tales of Monkey Island believed to have been inspired by de Sade, has a strong affiliation with amputation and has been exiled to Flotsam Island after his cross-breeding experiments on the Queen's poodles.)