Matías Ignacio Vera Oyarzo, otherwise known as Peluchin Entertainment, (September 19th, 2003 - ) is a Chilean YouTuber who also owns a deviantART account that can be found here.

Oyarzo started his YouTube account on September 11th, 2014 and currently has over 30,000 subscribers. At most, he was known for his surreal videos, namely his videos where he would play with Teletubby toys and "kill" them in various methods. During his time on YouTube, he had also taken an interest in trolling. His first concerning act was reportedly done earlier in 2018 when he published a video of himself shoving a can of cat food into his cat Jason's face. He also posted a video of himself trying to shove Jason's face into a toilet full of excrement.

In December 2018, Oyarzo would find himself under controversy when he posted a video of himself brutally abusing Jason by repeatedly picking him up by his tail and dropping him, stomping on him, and kicking him against a door. There were also shots of Jason trying to crawl away from Oyarzo (his spine was broken and his hind legs were paralyzed at that time), only for Oyarzo to drag him back to continue torturing him until he died from his injuries. Not too shortly afterward, many YouTube users reported the video, leading to YouTube to delete it. To make matters worse, he had also filmed himself adopting two kittens and dropping one of them into the toilet with feces, similar to what he did to Jason. According to the authorities, both kittens had been taken away from him.

It had also been reported that Oyarzo is a domestic abuser who would abuse his own parents, try to strangle his younger cousin, and was reportedly conducting sexual harassment online as well as at school. His YouTube and deviantART accounts are currently still up, but he has not been active since he was doxed.