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The Mexican drug cartel also known as the Mexican drug war is an ongoing armed conflict between rival drug cartels and the Mexican government forces



  • Mexican Army
  • Mexican Air Force
  • Mexican Navy
  • Mexican Naval Infantry
  • Mexican Federal Police
  • Mexican state and municipal police forces

The Drug cartels

Commanders and Leaders


  • Enrique Peña Nieto
  • Felipe Calderón
  • Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza
  • Guillermo Galván Galván
  • Sergio Aponte Polito

The Drug cartels



  • 50,000 soldiers
  • 35,000 Federal police

The Drug cartels

  • 100,00 foot soldiers

Casualties and Losses


  • 1,000+ Police and prosecutors killed
  • 138 Army soldiers killed
  • 14 Marines killed
  • 318 Federal Police killed
  • 58 reporters killed
  • 1,000 children killed

The Drug Cartels

  • 121,199 cartel members detained
  • 8,500 convicted

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