Monsanto logo.

Monsanto is a biotechnology company known for producing the Roundup brand of herbicides. It is also known for genetically modifying food crops to make them resistent to Roundup. Their patents and copyrights for Roundup and the Roundup-resistant genes are believed[by whom?] to violate anti-trust laws in the United States. They have declined to participate in examinations of their factories.[when?] The company has been ranked as the most evil business corperation.[by whom?] One gruesome study[by whom?] showed that their corn actually enlargened rats to 5 times their size.[citation needed] They also have done work in India where they have gruesomely killed off all other companies at the time by showing them how their genetic products worked. The price was greatly enlargened and they took the farmers as slaves, and many farmers commited suicide.[citation needed]


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