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Oto koczkodany

They mean trouble.

Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (The Nation-Radical Camp) is a Polish nationalist organization of right-wing extremists, notorious for its aggressive and dangerous behavior, and actions which include vandalizing mosques, attacking homosexual people, black people, Asians, Muslims, atheists and Jews in public.


ONR was created in 1934 by few young men from Camp of Great Poland. The party was influenced by the ideas of Italian fascism and tried to mix the ideas of totalitarianism with limited parliamentarian and pluralism. Some authors do not consider it to be a fascist political movement, while others suggest that its ideology had fascist elements, or even consider it as a 'Nazified' movement.

Usage of historical figures

ONR is notorious for utilizing historical figures such as Warsaw Uprising guerilla Tadeusz Zawadzki and the politician Roman Dmowski in a very vituperative and disrespectful way, portraying them as "perfect poles" with no flaws, and attribute their nationalistic views to them.


ONR and its supporters are known for their hooliganism, and often hobbies like weapon collecting. They want Poland to be a country with strong military, which indoctrinates teenagers to military, calling current teenagers "fagg*ts in jeans".


Members of ONR are highly dangerous and aggressive. They can also be armed with knuckledusters, baseball bats (rarely), hand-made wooden clubs, Molotov cocktails, fireworks and even guns, but such instances are rare. There exists a lot of footage of ONR mixed with other hooligan groups attacking police using those weapons.

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