Omaima Aree Nelson was an Egyptian model and nanny who murdered her US husband Bill Nelson. The case attracted widespread attention as it included evidence of bondage sex, decapitation, castration, and cannibalism. Her case was also discussed on the US television shows Deadly Women and Happily Never After.


Omaima Aree Nelson was born in Egypt in around 1968 and grew up there. In 1986, she emigrated to the United States. While there, she met her future husband William E. ""Bill" Nelson, a 56-year-old pilot, when she was 23. They ultimately married. Omaima claimed that she was abused by her husband during their month-long union.

Murder of Bill Nelson

On Thanksgiving Day in 1991 Omaina murdered Bill in their Costa Mesa, California apartment. She claimed that Bill had sexually assaulted her immediately prior. She stabbed him with a pair of scissors, and proceeded to beat him with a clothes iron. When he finally died she dismembered his body and cooked his head. She also boiled his hands to remove his fingerprints. She mixed up his body parts with left over Thanksgiving turkey and disposed of him in a garbage disposal. Neighbors heard the disposal unit running for a long time after Bill's death. Omaima also castrated him as revenge for the sexual assaults she accuses him of.

Legal process

On December 2nd, 1991 Omaima was arrested for murder. Her trial began a year later on December 1st, 1992. During investigations it was revealed that when she was a child in Cairo she was circumsized and sex was traumatic and painful for her. This is believed to have contributed to Omaima's murder of her husband and the dismemberment of his body. On January 12th, 1993 she was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 28 years in prison.

She became eligible for parole in 2006 but this was refused because of her unpredictable nature. She became eligible again in 2011. This was again rejected on the grounds she did not take responsibility for Bill's murder and would not become a productive citizen if she were to be freed. She currently resides at the California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.