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10th Street Gang; gang in Buffalo

11th Street River Gang; gang in New York City

12th Street Gang; gang in California

13th Street Gang; gang in Florida

14th Street Gang; gang              

17th Street Gang; gang

Abu Waleed, British Islamist extremist

Adrien Arcand; Canadian fascist leader

Afrocentrism, black supremacy and false history and false ideology

Agha Waqqur, robber

Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, dictator                                                                                   

Alan García; President of Peru in second half of 1980s and from 2006 to 2011

Alejandro Toledo, Peruvian corrupt official and president of Peru (2001-2006)

Alek Minassian, murderer

Aleksandr Dugin, Russian fascist political scientist

Alminbar, website with anti-semetic pro-Hitler content

Aloys Ndimbati, murderer

American Third Position Party, white supremacy

Anderson Cooper, propagandist

Andre Curry, evil dad

Andrea Dworkin, misandry

Andrew Engledinger, mass murderer

Andy Dick, racist, drug addict, sexual assault, sexual harrasment, antisemitic, supposedly gave Brynn Hartman cocaine which led to Phil Hartman's murder, also a member of PETA.

Andy Gipson; anti-gay and politician

Andy Muirhead, former TV host, convicted sexual predator

Angelo Buono, the other one of the Hillside stranglers

Angels of Death, serial killers

Anita Hill, liar

Anita Sarkeesian, misandrist bigot, con artist, and extremist

Antihaitianismo, racist bias against Haitians by Dominicans

Anthony Mercieca, child molester

Antonio Lievano (SoFloAntonio), thief, liar, plagiarist

Antonio López de Santa Anna; Mexican dicta War criminal

Armenian Genocide, self explanatory

Arthur Chu, misandrist hypocrite coward

Aryan Nation; white supremacy

Asa Coon, attempted mass murderer

Assassination of Olof Palme, event

Authoritarianism, action       

Bahar Mustafa, diversity officer from a university in London who is racist, misandrist, advocated genocide

Barbara Opel, murderer of man with terminal cancer in 2001

Barbera Graham, robber, murderer, prostitute

Benjamin Paddock, robber, father of Stephen Paddock

Beslan school hostage crisis, hostage taking, terrorism, mass murder, school shooting

Bill Ayers, terrorist

Black Dragons, gang

Black Guerilla Family, street gang

Black War, genocidal war in Tasmania

Bob Menendez, corrupt U.S Politician

Bob Packwood, corrupt U.S Politician

Bobbi Sue Dudley, angel of death serial killer

Bobby Frank Cherry, racist

Bohemian Club, private mens club accused of murder and human sacrifice.

Brett Keane, hypocrite, bully, liars, greedy

Bride Burning, evil action

Brown Pride Family; racist KC gang

Bruce and Joshua Turnige, bomber/mass murderer 

Bruce Ismay, coward and owner of the RMS Titanic

Buffort Furrow, anti-Semite

Byrd Dickens, man charged with child porn

Calvin Murphy,  molester

Cameron Thor actor, pedophile, sexual assault

Cannibalism, action

Carandiru Massacre

Casey Anthony, Karma Houdini, drowned her daughter in a bathtub

Champ Ferguson, War Criminal

Charles Saatchi, abuser

Charles Sikubwabo, murderer

Charlie Hebdo shooting, terrorist attack

Christa Pike, murderer, destroyer of innocence

Christian Slater, actor, assaulter

Chuck Schumer, corrupt politician

Clara Harris, murderer

Cleveland Torso Murders, unidentified serial killer from Cleveland, Ohio

Cold War, event

Colin Ferguson, Mass murderer

Confederation of Conservative Citizens, racist American organization

Crystal Magnum, murderer

Cum On Printed Pics/Fake The Bitch, malicious defunct website, doxxing, unlawful sexual activity

D-Company, terrorists

Daniel arap Moi, dictator

Daniel Mooney, murderer

Dan Savage, anti-Christian bigot

Darryl Blue, evil bus aide and hatemonger

David Duke, racist

David Harris, cheated on his wife Clara for an ongoing affair

David McGreavy, British child murderer

Debra Denison, familicide

Dennis DePue; murderer

Derrick Bird, gunman who killed 12 people in Cumbria, United Kingdom in 2010.

Dietrich von Choltitz, Nazi

Don Burke former TV personality, pervert, bully

Don Lemon, racist propagandist

Dowrism, violence against women by men filled with greed

Dutch Schultz, gangster

Dylan Quick, knifeman

Ed Dahlberg; assaulter

Edward I Longshanks, former King of England

Edgar Steele; white supremacist criminal

Efrain Rios Montt, dictator

Elena Ceausescu, deputy prime minister of Romania

Emilio Estefan, mobster music producer and Cuban dissident

Emperor Yang of Sui, Chinese tyrant

English Defense League, islamophobic organization

Enver Ishmail Pasha, dictator, absolute evil, genocidal villain

Erasure, discrimination against LGBTQ people

Eric Boyd, torturer, rapist, murderer

Eric Williams, murderer

Erin Caffey, family murderer

Ernst Röhm, head of the Nazi SA

Eugenics, action

Evan Spencer Abel, murderer

Farhad Jabar, murderer

Ferdinand Nahimana, hatemonger

Farron Cousins, liar propagandist

Fidel Loor Vélez, murderer

Floyd Lee Corkins, shooter, terrorist

Francis Mone, murderer

Francisco Morales Bermudez, Peruvian traitor

Francisco Solano López, Paraguayan dictator

Frank Abagnale, confidence trickster, check forger, impostor

Frank Farian, liar, greed, corrupt music producer

Franklin Haughton, mass murderer

The Fine Brothers, greed, copyright violation, liars

Flogging, action

Francois Tombalbaye, Chad dictator

Frank Marshall Davis, communist sympathizer

Frank James, gangster. Jesse James' brother

Frank "Pancho" Martin, trainer of horse Sham, tried to cheat

General Butt Naked, warlord during the First Liberian Civil War, currently a preacher

Gerard Schaefer, policeman accused of murder

Gerhard Thiele, Nazi/arsonist

Ghetto benching, action

Giovanni Ramirez, thug

Gloria Allred, corrupt lawyer

Gold-Digging, action

G00ns, hacking organization

Guiseppe Zangara, bounty hunter

Grail Movement, organization

Grant Davies, pervert, pedophile, convicted sexual predator

Haj Amin al-Husseini; Palestinian rebel, Axis collaborator, and anti-Semite

Hammerskins, racist

Hassan al-Banna, Founder of the terrorist group "Muslim Brotherhood"

Hassan Ngeze, propagandist and hatemonger

Hastings Banda, Dictator of Malawi

Hate Club, evil first graders

Hecklers, anti-heroes

Heinz Brandt, Nazi

Hendrick Lucifer, pirate/thief

Henri Christophe, self-proclaimed King of Haiti

Henry Clay Frick, evil businessman

Henry Sanchez Millian, rapist

Herb Baumeister, serial killer

Herman Frank Cash, racist

Hernández Martinez, dictator of El Salvador

Hiroaki Hidaka, serial killer

Hizb-ut-Tehrir, Salafi Islamist group

Holly Harvey, traitor, murderer, mastermind

Holocaust denial, event

Holodomor, event

Horacio Cartes, president of Paraguay since 2013

Honorius, incompetent roman emperor

Howard Schneider, psychopathic dentist

Hubert Matos, Cuban terrorist

Hugh Dorsey, told people to lie at Leo Frank's trial so he could hang him

Ian Kevin Hartley, mass murderer

Ian Stuart Donaldson, lead singer of white supremacist group Skrewdriver

Illinois Family Institute, terrorism

Inquisition, event

Institute for Historical Review, right-wing extremism

Interahamwe, Rwandan Hutu paramilitary organizer

IslamQA, website that is anti-women's education and women driving

Ivar the Boneless, notorious Viking and commander of the Great Heathen Army

Ivo Sanader, corrupt Croatian Prime Minister

Jack Kervokian; assisted suicide therapist and anti-religious bully

Jack Teitel, terrorist

Jack Thompson, bigot, bully and extremist.

James Burke, gangster

James Cummings, white supremacist, Nazi-loving husband of Amber Cummings

James von Brunn, racist

James Stacy, actor, convicted pedophile

James T. Hodgkinson, Terrorist

Jane Toppan, serial killer

James W. Forsyth, Wounded Knee massacre perpetrator

Janie Lou Gibbs, family serial killer

Jarno Elg, criminal

Jarvis Crittenton, basketball player and gang member, murderer

Jayant Patel, murderer and grievous bodily harmer

Jayson Williams; cruel basketball player who murdered people

Jean-Bosco Barayagwiza, hatemonger

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy

Jessica Drake, bully, hypocrite, liar

Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile

Jeffrey Lundgren, fanatical cult leader, murderer

Jeremy Strohmeyer, convicted rapist and murderer of Sherrice Iverson.

Jesse Dollemore, liar, propagandist, Hypocrite

Jew Watch, anti-semetic web site

Jiang Qing, "Madame Mao"

Joao Acacio Pereira de Costa, Brazilian thief

Joe García; corrupt U.S politician

Joey Buttafuoco, terrorist

John Kricfalusi, sexual harasser, creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show

Johnathan Carr, murderer, rapist, torturer

John M. Chivington, Sand Creek massacre perpetrator

John Edwards, corrupt official adulterer

John Geoghan, Sex abuse priest

John Schertzer, corrupt police  

John Shrank; attempted murderer

Jon Watson, Internet Related Villains, Trash-Talking Villains, Hero turned to the Dark Side, Completely Insane, Paranoid Villains, Abusers and Absolute Evil.

Jordan Sheard, murderer, absolute evil

Joseph Christopher, racist murderer

Joseph Stack, murderer, plane crasher

Josephine Gray, serial killing voodoo queen

Josh Duggar, sexual predator, pervert

Jovan Belcher, murderer/suicidal villain/athlete

Jose Montano, rapist

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, criminal, murderer

Julian Knight, mass murderer

Julie Hermann, abusive coach and athletic director

Justinian II, authoritarian ruler

Keith Raniere, brainwasher, pervert, leader of NXIVM

Kenneth Bianchi, serial killer and rapist, one of the Hillside stranglers

Kenny and Sante Kimes, serial killers, con artists

Kenny Christopher Glenn, cat abuser

Khorloogiin Choibalsan, Mongolian dictator

Kim Dae han, arsonist, mass murderer

Kimveer Gill, school killer

King Dessalines, dictator of Haiti

Knife Rights, knife-toting fanatics who turned to the dark side

Knoxville Horror, event

Korean War, event

Kwame Kilpatrick, corrupt former mayor of Detroit

Kyle Aaron Huff, mass murderer

Latrell Sprewell, NBA jerk and hatemonger

Laurence Powell, corrupt official

Leigh Alexander, notorious bigot and bully

Leland Yee, crooked, gun-running, hypocritical senator

Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentine dictator and warmonger

Lily Peet/Lily Orchard, hypocrite, liar and manipulator

Lincoln Diaz-Balart, U.S. corrupt politician

Lisa Bloom, liar, misandrist

Lonny Rae, white supremacist

Lorena Bobbitt, mutilator

Lorraine Thorpe; murderer

Los Angeles Riots, event

Los Linces, gang

Louie Sanchez, thug

Ludwig Stumpfegger; SS doctor and co-conspirator in the death of the Goebbels' children

Luis Bracomontes, racist, murderer

Luis Posada Carriles, terrorist

Lukasz Gottwald, rapist, sexual assaulter, sexual harasser, liar

Lyle and Erik Menendez, murderers

Machine Gun Kelly, gangster

Mahathir bin Mohammed; corrupt official

Mark Barton, mass murderer

Mark Salling; Pervert

Mark Williams, American hatemonger

Mario Diaz-Balart, U.S. corrupt politician

Margeret Sanger, eugenicist racist

Matt Lauer, pervert, rapist

Matt Prokop, beats his ex-girlfriend Sarah Hyland

Matthew Hagee, liar, fanatic Christian

Mátyás Rákosi, Hungarian dictator

Maxine Waters, corrupt, official, hypocrite

Meir Kahane, terrorist

Mel Lewis, racist American pastor

Mega Killz/A secret Alt, cyber-bully, troll, Nazi, communist

Michael Jace, actor, murderer, hero turned to the dark side

Michael McDermott, mass murderer

Michael Savage, hatemonger

Michael Slager, Killer cop

Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams, murderers

Michelle Bachelet, president of Chile (2006 - 2010) and (2014 - present)

Min Chen, murderer 

Mining Accident, disaster

MK Ultra, mind control group                                      

Moldova police system, fearmongers

Movieguide, hate website

Muslim Brotherhood, political Islamist group

Nader Shah, Persian ruler

Nancy Pelosi, corrupt official

Narcy Novack, murderer

Nation of Islam, black supremacist religious group

National Reorganization Process, Junta

National Vanguard, racist nationalist organization

Ne Win, dictator

Nedeljko Čabrinovič, assassin and murderer

Nehemiah Griego, mass murderer

Nicolas Clux, cannibal

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, cannibal and rapist

NXIVM, pedophiliac sex cult

October Horse, animal cruelty

Oda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord

Omar Hammami, terrorist

One L. Goh, mass murderer

Óscar Elías Biscet, Cuban warmonger

Oscar Rairo, attempted murderer

Oscar Lopez Rivera, Terrorist

Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing, SS captain and adjutant to Adolf Eichmann. After the war worked for the CIA

Orlando Zapata, Cuban supervillain.

Pan-Africanist extremism

Paraguayan War, South American conflict

Parsley Massacre, event

Pat Buchanan, American racist

Patrol 36, Israeli neo-Nazi organization.

Paula Baniszweski, pawn, torturer, redeemed daugther of Gertrude Baniszewski

PaulandAmy, pedophile, rapist, pervert, convicted sexual predator

Paul Denyer, murderer

Peabody Energy, eco-terrorist company

Perry Chadwick Vaughn, embezzler

Perry Smith; was one of two ex-convicts convicted of murdering four members of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas.

Peter Bryan, serial killer and cannibal

Peter Lucas Moses, child murderer/absolute evil

Petri gerdt, Finnish mall bomber

The Pharisees, hypocritical group, conspired to kill Jesus.

Plutarco Elias Calles, Mexican leader/ atheist militant

Porforio Diaz, dictator

PrincessElizabeth013/Erin Anthony, cyberbully, death threat bringer, hypocrite, and homophobe

Provisional IRA, nationalist organization

Prussian Blue, white supremacist musical duo who have redeemed themselves after dissolution

Radio y Televisión Martí, propagandist media

Radical feminism, self-explanatory

Rae Carruth, athlete who murdered his unborn child

Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday, murderer

Rasheedah Smith, teen murderer

Raymond Felton, basketball player who attacked his wife

Realengo Massacre, school shooting in Brazil

Rebecca Felton, racist

Reince Priebus, hatemonger

Richard Baer, commandant of Auschwitz Birkenau

Richard Glücks, Concentration Camps Inspector

Richard G. Butler, Aryan white supremacist

Richard Hickock; was one of two ex-convicts convicted of murdering four members of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas.

Rob Miles, racist

Robert Black, serial killer

Robert Byrd, racist

Robert Hughes, former TV star, sexual predator, pervert

Robert Farquharson, murderer

Robert Wayne Gladden Jr., gunman

Robert Hansen, serial killer

Rodriguez de Francia, dictator

Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, Russian warlord and invader of Mongolia

Rudolf Höß, commandant of Auschwitz Birkenau

Rolf Harris, former TV entertainer, convicted sexual predator

Russell Wasendorf Sr., executive convicted of fraud

Ryan Murdough, white supremacist

Ryan O'Neal actor and abuser

Ryan Riley, US Neo-Nazi soldier

Ryandikayo, murderer

Sanurip, Airport shooter, mass murderer

Salman Rushdie, prejudice author

San Antonio gangs, gangs

Sarah Johnson, killed her parents over forbidding her from seeing her 19 year old boyfriend

Satan Disciples, gang in Kansas City

Sawney Bean, cannibal

Scott Roeder, murderer

Sean Avery, athlete/bully

Said Barre, Somali dictator

Segregation, action

Shaun King, hatemonger, liar, fraud, scammer, supremacist, fearmonger

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Hamas leader

Shiv Sena, fascism

Simo Hayha, mass murderer

Simon Bikindi, hate singer

Skylar Deleon, murderer

Skyler Page, sexual harrassment

Sobibor, concentration camp

Somali Pirates, terrorists

Sovereign Citizen Movement, group

Squeaky Frome, gangster

Stacey Koon, brute

Stanislav Galic, war criminal

Stephen VI, Pope

Stephen Collins, actor and pedophile

Steve Brown Murder Case

Steve Nunn, murderer

Steve Wright, serial killer

Steven Hayes, murderer

Stormy Daniels, liar, opportunist, adulterer

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist

Sureños, gang

Suzan and James Carson, serial killers

Sulejman Talovic, mass murderer

Tamerlane, Central Asian despot

Teodoro García Simental, murderer

Ted Kennedy, pervert, Karma Houdini

The Beasts of Satan, evil group

The Sinking of the RMS Lusitania, event during World War I.

Theresa Knorr, delusional murderer, traitor, absolute evil

Theodore Beale, known as Voxx Day, bigot and islamophobe who hates womens education

Theodore Bilbo, racist politician

Thomas Cavindish, pirate

Thomas Edwin Blanton Jr., KKK Member

Thomas Hurst, child murderer

Thuggee, Indian cult/criminal gang

Timothy Loehmann, child murderer, racist, cop

Tom DeLay, corrupt U.S politician

Tommy Lister, actor convicted of fraud

Tonya Harding, skater who assaulted a competitor

ToonKriticY2K, a brony who had an erotic roleplay Skype chat with a minor

Treblinka, concentration camp

ToriTheWolfy/Sam 'Brandon' Juan Stevens, ban evasion, harasser, bestaility

Truth-Lely-Gaia, art theft, plagarism, power-hungry

Tsu Way Ming, Mass murderer, plane crasher

Ulama, Abbasid religious extremists

Union Democrata Independiente, Homophobic and Misoginistic Chilean Right-Wing Political Party

Unity Milford, racist

VD-13, gang in Kansas City

Valentinian III, Roman emperor

Vanessa Coleman, torturer

Veronica Compton, would-be copycat murderer, in an attempt to free the Hillside Stranglers

Vester Lee Flanagan II, murderer

Vietnam War, event

Vichy France, Nazi occupied France

Victor Feguer, Iowa murderer

Victor Salva, pedophile, sex offender, child abuser, film director

Victoriano Huerta, Mexican dictator

Vince Weiguang Li, Greyhound murderer

Violence Against Women

Virginia Abernathy, racist

Volkert van der Graaf, murderer

Warren Farrell, misogynist and hatemonger

Wayne Treacy, teen/murderer

Weather Underground, anti-Capitalism extremist group from 1969-1977

White Aryan Resistance, white supremacist organization

White Citizens Council, racist organization

William Calley, mass murderer/ war criminal

William Jefferson, corrupt American politician

William Joyce, traitor and Nazi propagandist

William Riley Gaul, murderer

William Spengler, arsonist, murderer

William Walker, filibuster

Xavier Beccera, corrupt official

Zhang Xianzhong, Chinese rebel

Zoe Quinn, liar and abuser