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Pedophilia is the sick condition of being sexually attracted to underage children, although the condition itself is not a crime if not acted upon. This sexual deviancy is reviled by society and becomes a serious crime only if acted upon (via inappropriate handling of a minor, child rape or the consumption of child pornography).

There is also no denying a strong link with pedophilia and other sexual disorders and many pedophiles have become involved in extreme cases of child-abuse and murder, with the most vicious even engaging in torture and mind-games, kidnapping, imprisonment, violence and murder. Not all pedophiles are the same, though.

Pedophiles and the internet

The modern world has become especially aware of the dangers of pedophilia, but the phenomena is as old as humanity itself and cases of child murder, molestation and worse have been documented since the beginning of time.

With the discovery of the internet, large groups of pedophiles meet in private, allowing them to create, share and illegally download as well as watch child pornography videos and images. In today's world, many pedophiles are also tracked down using the same internet they try to hide from the authorities.

Pedophiles may also pose as children online as part of an attempt to groom them.


In some nations such as Russia and certain US states, pedophiles are chemically castrated, some even choose to undergo surgical castration to remove their sexual drive and with it the urge to harm children. When in prison, pedophiles are looked down upon the most of all inmates and thought as even lower then murderers. They are often beaten and even shanked to death behind prison walls. Pedophiles have also been lynched, including death by necklacing.

Interests and how to spot them

Pedophiles often groom children to like them, such as by pretending to be into childish things or posing as children online. They may own a lot of toys, watch shows meant for children or carry around candy, although anybody can have these interests.

They often go online and live out their sick fantasies there with like-minded individuals. Some are turned on by dressing up as babies, and playing with toys. Others have a diaper fetish and have partners who pretend to be their mother or father, even going as far as to feed them bottles.

Pedophilia is a mental illness and a disease and the questionable interest and behavior of those involved in it is common evidence for this perversion. However some pedophiles appear to be normal people, are married, have jobs and do not look "off" at first. Many of them even work with children as a coach for example (Jerry Sandusky).


  • Pedophilia typically refers to a sexual attraction towards prepubescent children (age 12 and under). There is a variation of this called Ephebophilia, which is a sexual attraction to teenagers age 13-15.

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