Peter Gerard Scully (January 13th, 1963 - ) is an Australian pedophile and murder who has his own red room on the Deep Web and used it to sell videos of children being sexually abused and tortured. He is said to be "Australia's worst pedophile".


The most popular video made by Scully was titled "Daisy's Destruction". The video shows Scully sexually abusing and torturing an 18 month girl named Daisy until she eventually died.

The most sinister video made by Scully was titled "Dafu Love". In this video Scully, his 2 girlfriends, and 2 other men were raping and torturing babies to death. In one scene Scully's girlfriends bashed babies heads together. It has never been proven if this video is true or false but lets hope its false.

He is said to have made many more videos of torturing children and babies alike and selling them online through the Deep Web.


Peter Scully was arrested when his 17 hear old partner (who was also one of his victims) escaped and told the police his location. The police investigated Scully's home and found the corpse of a teenage girl named Rosie buried under his apartment. He had allegedly strangled her to death.

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