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Peter Sutcliffe and his bride, Sonia

Peter Sutcliffe (June 2nd, 1946 - ) was a British serial killer nicknamed the Yorkshire Ripper. In 1981, Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering thirteen women and attempting to murder seven others.

Beginning in July 1975 with his first attack, Sutcliffe killed thirteen women and left seven others for dead. The seven survivors were told how lucky they were, but with physical, emotional and psychological scars that would never completely heal, they didn’t feel very lucky. Some would even believe that they would have been better off if the man they had known for so long as The Ripper, had succeeded in killing them. Sutcliffe committed his first known assault in Keighley on the night of 5 July 1975. He attacked a 36 year old woman who was walking alone, striking her unconscious with a ball-pein hammer and slashing her stomach with a knife. Disturbed by a neighbor, he left without killing her.