"In the name of Great Underground Poland I punish you with death."

"No waaaaaaaay for gay! No waaaaaaay for gay! Not islamic, not Darvinist, only Christian Poland! F*cking blacks and sand-n*ggers, kill all Jews!" - average protest of Nationalists.

A group of Nationalists, dressed in their trademark balaclavas.

While Poland is a pretty average Slavic country, the amount of Nationalists in it is alarming. Those savage groups are obsessed with their country, and will protect it even if it would mean killing someone, which they don't even try to hide.


While Nationalists were in Poland from the beggining, just like in any other country, they started multiplying after World War II, and especially after the downfall of communism in Poland. Due to their motherland's problems from the past, they started thinking that it's a true survivor who needs to be worshipped and protected. While that stance would be good, as protecting one's country is a good thing, Polish Nationalists and alt-rights started being obsessed with it, slowly going into insanity, which resulted in seeing everyone except Hungary (reason for this is unknown) as Poland's enemy.

The Paranoia

Polish Nationalists are notorious and well-known for their - for a lack of a better word - hate paranoia which is slightly more bizzare compared to for example Ku Klux Klan. While KKK attacks minorities, homosexuals and etc. the Nationalists consider everything to be Poland enemy. Few examples include:

  • LGBT.
  • Black people.
  • Asian people.
  • Left-wing people.
  • Politicians.
  • Atheists.
  • Television.
  • Internet media.
Analna dewastacja

One of the higher-ranked Nationalists from PDL.

Some of the unfortunately real examples include grilling meat next to a mosque during Ramadam to annoy muslims, beating up a black man on the street, attacking refugees, "boycotting" Milka chocolates upon finding writing in Arabic on them, or boycotting the Biedronka stores upon finding the word Homosexual in a dicitionary. When it goes to television and internet media, the Nationalists have a bizzare way of thinking. In their minds, every station except Christianity-themed TV Trwam and every internet site except their own is "controlled by left-wing and the jews". Polish Nationalists are not only obsessed with Poland, but also with the "Kingdom of Lechites", their urban legend about Poland once being the biggest country in history, which is of course a false factoid.

According to Nationalists, every nation and country is Poland's enemy, with the biggest ones being Germany, Russia, USA, Izrael and (of course) any Muslim country.


Nationalists are a great danger, as they posess enough members and supporters to start a very violent civil war with everyone they consider their enemy in Poland, which could cost many lives. They are also known to provoke other countries, such as USA or Russia. There were many accidents where nationalists attacked and vandalized mosques by throwing pork meat at them or spraying them with paint, attacking synagogues, and even publically assaulted homosexual people, black people and muslims. Many of them are hooligans, and would literally kill for their favourite soccer team. Polish soccer hooligans also posess a completly legal website where they plan riots and public beatings of eachother. They can be armed with brass knuckles, homemade melee weapons, knifes, chains, Molotov Cocktails, fireworks and even guns. Fortunately they don't posess any armed vehicles, but some of the higher-in-rank ones also posess drones for "aerial combat".

Animal-like behaviour

Nationalists, and many non-nationalist poles are known for their rather animal-like behaviour composed mainly of talking about alcohol, sex, beating eachother, cigarettes, their hobbies and (sometimes) drugs. Their mentality also objectifies women, with slogans like "No boobs = no woman" or "A women's place is in the kitchen". Another bestial behavior of them is their treatment of children, as they are known to attack children and call them "spoiled brats" for no apparent reason.

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