Potiphar's Wife was a villainess in the book of Joseph, the last book of Genesis. She was married to a captain named Potiphar; a man who is the captain of the palace guard and a soldier to the Pharoah of Egypt, but she'd been attracted by the looks of Joseph, who'd been sold to be Potiphar's slave.

Her villainy was that she was trying to get Joseph to make out with her, but he'd run away from her snake charmer like eyes, much to her anger; however, she managed to take off his cloak, and used it as false evidence that Joseph had tried to make out with her to rape her with a look on her face; having her husband throw Joseph into jail to a lie.

Other Stories

To the Japanese readers, they say that the wife of Potiphar is a man-eating seducer, trying to commit adultery and her goal is to have an affair with Joseph, but she failed to and Joseph ran away, because he knew it's wrong to have an affair with another man's wife.

In Dante's Inferno, Potiphar's Wife is a wicked soul in Bolgia 10 of Hell and is being mentioned for her false accusation of Joseph, and she is condemned in the eighth circle of hell for her falsehood with the various sorts of falsifiers.