'I will remove the game if donations reach US$2000 and I will apologize if it reaches US$3000'.

-Ryan mocking the critics.

Bg V-tech1-20131121105314727068-620x349

Ryan Lambourn

Ryan Lambourn
is a mean online games creator who made games based on the Virginia Tech massacre and Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. 


V-tech rampage

V-tech rampage is an online game created by Lambourn only weeks after the actual massacre. This game has caused widespread anger as it mocks the victims of the shooting. His motive is to increase shock value. He also made fun of people condemning the massacre, and claiming the deaths to be nothing but 'so'. 

KEKEKE-The Ballad Of Cho Seung-Hui04:20

KEKEKE-The Ballad Of Cho Seung-Hui

The game consists of 3 levels of shealth and murder, as stated on its front cover.

Level 1

You must kill Emily Hilscher and kill anyone who screams from the sound of gunshots. Then, you must return to your dorm room.

Level 2

This part is the challenge. You must avoid the police's lights while you deliver your video pakage to the post office and after delivering, you must make it to norris hall.


A screenshot of the sandy hook game.

Article-2510991-198D00B000000578-573 634x444

Lambourn making fun of a victim's family member.

Level 3

You are given 1 minutes and 30 seconds to kill or injure everyone inside norris hall. If you fail to kill everyone, the police will arrive and pounce on you. If you kill everyone, Cho will kill himself, and on his arm reveals the words 'Ismail Ax'.

If you want to skip a level, simply press a and x simultaneously.

Warning!(Offensive content) To play the game, click this link:

The slaying of sandy hook elementary

Created nearly a year after the sandy hook school shooting , this game has also caused widespread shock and disbelief. The worst thing is, that when a family member of a victim asked Lambourn on why he created the game, he remarked: 'Gun control, just play it if you want to know more'. 


Unlike V-tech rampage, this game is simpler to play. You are given 10 minutes. First, you must shoot your mother and collect her guns and car keys. Then, you drive to sandy hook school. You must stop at a door and press A to kick in the door. The teacher will try to ask her kids to escape, although many of them will cower in fear, which makes them easy to shoot. After 10 minutes, the police arrive and Adam Lanza will shoot himself.

Gun control mode

After playing the first mode, you will unlock this mode. In this mode, you can only use a katana, which in the end tends to result in less kills than a gun. This is Lambourn's way of saying: 'Without guns, you will kill less'.

EaglesTear mode

In this mode, unlocked after the gun control mode, teachers are now armed with guns. This mode is based on a theory that teachers should be armed with guns in the case of a school shooting event. The children in this mode tend to run around less, which makes them very easy to kill. Even if the teachers are armed, it is not too much a challenge to kill them too. You tend to get the highest number of kills in this mode.

Warning!(Offensive content)

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