The Scale of Evil is a tool used to help categorize the enormity of real-world criminals and their crimes, it was used by Michael Stone and is famous for its use in "Most Evil".

The Scale

1 - Those who have killed in self-defense, and who do not show traces of psychopathy
2 - Jealous lovers who committed murder; although egocentric or immature, they are not psychopaths
3 - Willing companions of killers: aberrant personality, impulse-ridden, with some antisocial traits

Examples:Terry Nichols, Lee Boyld Malvo
4 - Those who have killed in self-defense, but had been extremely provocative toward the victim for that to happen.
5 - Traumatized, desperate persons who killed abusive relatives or other people, but who show remorse for their crime and are not psychopaths

Examples: Jeff Weise, Mitchell Johnson, Andrea Yates  
6 - Impetuous, hotheaded murderers, yet without marked psychopathic traits

Examples:Brenda Spencer
7 - Highly narcissistic, but not distinctly psychopathic persons—some with a psychotic core—who kill persons next to them, with jealousy as an underlying motive

8 - Non-psychopathic persons with smoldering rage, and who kill when the rage is ignited.

Examples:Dylan Klebold, Pekka Eric Auvinen
9 - Jealous lovers with marked psychopathic features.
10 - Killers of people "in the way", such as witnesses. Extremely egocentric, but not distinctly psychopathic
11 - Psychopathic killers of people "in the way", such as close friends or even family members

Examples:Matti Saari

12 - Power-hungry psychopaths who kill when they are "cornered".

Examples: Seung-Hui Cho
13 - Psychopathic murderers with inadequate, rageful personalities, rage being the reason of their killings.

Examples: Martin Bryant
14 - Ruthlessly self-centered psychopathic schemers who kill to benefit themselves

Examples:Charles Manson, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy Mcveigh  
15 - Psychopathic cold-blooded spree killers or multiple murderers.

Examples: Eric Harris , Seung-Hui Cho , Martin Bryant, Dylan Klebold , Matti Saari , Pekka Eric Auvinen , Charles Whitman
16 - Psychopaths committing multiple vicious acts, with repeated acts of extreme violence

Examples:Caracalla, John Allen Mohammad
17 - Sexually perverse serial murderers: Rape is the primary motive and the victim is killed to hide evidence.

Examples: Ted Bundy , Gary Ridgway
18 - Psychopathic torture-murderers, where murder is the primary motive, and the victim is killed after a torture that was not prolonged

Examples:Gilles De Rais
19 - Psychopaths driven to terrorism, subjugation, intimidation, and rape, but who are short of murder

Examples: Emperor Nero
20 - Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive, but in persons with distinct psychoses (such as schizophrenia).

Examples: Pedro Rodrigues Filho, Caligula, Vlad Tepes the impaler
21 - Psychopaths who do not kill their victims, but do subject them to extreme torture 


22 - Psychopathic torture-murderers, where torture is the primary motive. In most cases, the crime has a sexual motivating factor.

Examples:Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrei Chikatilo , Pedro Lopez, Caligula, John Wayne Gacy, Pedro Rodrigues Filho

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