Sectarianism is a type of religious intolerance, usually between Catholics and Protestants that has gained infamy amongst varied societies, especially Scotland and Ireland - where turbulant past aggressions mixed with continued hatred from both sides of the conflict have resulted in a very deep culture of discrimination and hostility that is becoming an increasing worry for both authorities and those who seek to end the ancient "feud".

Sectariansim, by its very nature, is also a minefield of controversary and as such has been a topic many have avoided, yet in recent years the use of Sectarian songs and imagery in football has become so widespread amongst some that authorities have begun to talk openly on the issue in an effort to try and control it.

Outwith the football grounds Sectarianism has played a major role in much more violent crimes, some of which have involved assault, murder and even terrorism.



Known Sectarian Groups / Supporters

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