These are the minimum crimes an individual/organization has to commit to warrant a page on this site.

  1.  Murder
  2. Sexual abuse
  3.  Domestic abuse
  4.  Abuse of children, the disabled, and the elderly
  5.  Kidnapping
  6.  Extortion
  7.  War crimes
  8.  Bullying to the degree that it severely damages the victim
  9.  Hatemongering and extensive open prejudice
  10.  Warmongering
  11.  Fearmongering
  12.  Outright or extreme abuse of power/position
  13.  Animal cruelty (this DOES NOT include LEGAL forms of hunting, fishing, and animal ownership, or medical animal testing)
  14.  Severe/extreme/repetitive assault and battery
  15.  Grand Theft
  16.  Multiple/Repetitive manslaughter
  17.  Severe corruption
  18.  Extensive vandalism and property damage (especially in case of objects of historical/national/religious/cultural significance)
  19.  Torture
  20.  Terrorism
  21.  Arson
  22.  Cannibalism
  23.  Major drug trafficking
  24.  Slavery
  25.  Treason (except in a case deemed justifiable)
  26.  Grave robbing
  27.  Ill lawful buying and/or selling of weapons
  28.  Extreme vigilantism
  29. Incrimination
  30. Deliberately endangering the lives of others for no honorable reason.
  31. Severe/extreme breach of privacy.
  32. Writing or making death threats to someone else.
  33. Attempting to commit any crime on this list.

In events where it is uncertain if a act falls under these crimes, consult with an admin and they will decide if it is severe enough or not.

As a rule, all internet related pages are banned, except in the cases of cybercrime, or actions that reach severe hatemongering.

Also, while articles regarding religious figures are permitted, we will NOT be taking any articles in which the religion in question isn't recognized as one by the federal government.

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