Jan Krzysztof DäMEL - Dolinskas V. Simon Kossakowski: political and military activities in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from 1763 to 1794. Vilnius, 2003.

Symon Marcin Kasakoŭski. Сымон Марцін Касакоўскі (J. Damiel, 1812)

Szymon Marcin Kossakowski (Lithuanian: Simonas Martynas Kosakovskis, 1741 in Silai, Jonava-1794) was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman(szlachcic), and one of the leaders of the Tragowica Confederation. In 1793, he became the last Great Hetman of Lithuania.


He participated in the Radom Confideration and the Bar Confi-

deration. A supporter of the Russian Empire during the Kosz-

ciuzko Uprising and earlier, he was deemed a traitor. In the

aftermath of the Wilno Uprising he tried to escape by boat,

but was captured and hanged in the town hall square of

Wilno wit hthe inscription of He who swings will not drown

and was burried in the cellars of the churhc in the Jonava.

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