Dark star

Ted Kaczynski (born May 22, 1942) (better known by his alias as the Unabomber) is a very notorious real-world terrorist/bomber who engaged in a reign of terror lasting nearly 20 years before he was finally captured: his bombings killed three people and injured 23 others. He was of Polish ethnicity.

He is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of an eco-terrorist he had lived in isolation in a cabin for a long time practicing a survivalist lifestyle and grew agitated when the wilderness around his home started to come under threat from civilization, which was building on the land - thus Ted began his mail bombing campaign: sending his bombs to universities and airlines, amongst other targets.

Ted would admit to authorities that he knew his actions were "extreme" but he felt they were justified as a means of warning people about the dangers of modern life and what he viewed as the erosion of human freedom caused by technology and modern living.

He is current serving a life sentence for his crimes, despite the gravity of his offenses some prominent anarcho-primitives (a branch of environmentalism / anarchism) have come to his defense - though almost all who have spoken publicly on the matter disagreed with Ted's methods.

Despite the horror of his actions it should be noted Ted isn't actually evil. The reason behind his heinous actions was the result due to the fact that he was mentally ill. He has paranoia schizophrenia which caused him to become delusional and tricked his brain that anybody who supports teaching was bad when it was the complete opposite of that. Ted's delusions gave him the idea that the innocent lives he targeted were far from innocent and were among the many people he believed wanted to be harm and thought by getting rid of these people he was getting rid of "bad" people. Ted isn't your traditional bad guy despite his actions. He was just an insane individual with ridiculous intentions.