The Blue Whale game is a social media suicide game that is gaining notoriety and popularity across the world. Supposedly starting in Russia, reports of players came as far from Russia as Portugal in Europe, and Chile/Brazil in general.

The Game

Players have to sign up to play or download a supposed app. Either options of play will let the ones behind the game hack into the mobile device, and they'll use it as a threat, threatening players to play or have their information released to the public, including exactly where they live thanks to the IP address. After signing up or downloading the app, players must complete up to 50 challenges, said to range from watching a horror movie, to self-harm. Photographic proof is also said to be given to the instructor so the player can move on. Some people say the challenges get more and more gruesome as the player moves up until the last challenge. The player must commit suicide to win the game. Unfortunately more than a hundred teenagers have successfully taken their lives as an attempt to win.


The game is said to have started by Filip Budeiken, a psychology student who got expelled, in 2013 on VKontake. In 2015, the first reported suicide happened as a result of the game. The game afterwards began to gain more popularity.

Countries Affected

Russia is said to have 130 suicides as a result of the suicide. Seven different Brazilian states have reported players, some committed suicide, others were stopped during their attempt. No actual deaths have been reported in Chile, but cases of self-mutilation as a result of the game have been reported. Colombia has an investigation on three minors who are said to be players. Portugal also had no reported deaths of the game, but some people had to be hospitalised as a result injuries from the game. Spain has one reported player, who has been accepted into a psychiatric unit.

Filip Budeiken

Filip Budeiken is the man who created the Blue Whale game. He said he created the game to clean the society of people he claimed to have no value, and also claimed he had given them what they didn't have in life as they played the game. He is now serving jail time for creating the game and persuading 17 kids to suicide himself.

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