Chaotic Evil

Chaotic Evil villains enjoy causing violence between other villains and innocents alike, and will do anything so that their area is in complete madness. Many of these will cause a threat to both factions alike, or will make one stronger.

Examples : Nihilists, Thrill-Killers, Sadistic Deviants, Terrorism (when not State-sponsored) and the Criminally Insane.

Neutral Evil

Neutral Evil characters will do anything to get their way. Like Chaotic Evil, they often will manipulate others and sometimes order others to start riots. These villains have no morals and will do anything to get their way, but also have their own rules. Most are very arrogant and hypocritical.

Examples: Corrupt Officials, Organized Crime, Dictators (when not Lawful) and most Criminals (when not Chaotic)

Lawful Evil

Lawful Evil villains use the law to mortally or brutally oppress others. They do not care about the well-being of others as long as its okay in the laws eyes.

Examples: Dictators, Fascists, Xenophobes, Fundamentalists and State Terrorism / Torture.

Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic Neutral villains will not try to cause harm, but don't expect themselves to always do the right thing.

Examples: Mercenaries, Bullies (when not Evil) and Pranksters (when not Evil)

True Neutral

Though these villains often cause trouble, they do not know it. However, they are often also good guys, but have certain flaws. They don't really feel any need to be good or evil, but are sometimes insulting without meaning to be. They are generally manipulated by very evil villains.

Examples; Militant Atheists (when not Evil), Misguided Religious (when not Evil), Activists (when not Chaotic) and Absurdists (when not Chaotic)

Lawful Neutral

A lawful neutral villain is one who values law over anything else, but doesn't feel any need to cause harm.

Examples: Soldiers, Police or Figures of Authority who assist in unethical behaviors on the grounds of "serving" a dictatorial and/or corrupt society.

Chaotic Good

While they mean good and their actions are necessary, it will also cause problems to some, but generally the worse guys.

Examples: Activists (when not Neutral), Absurdists (when not Evil) and Misguided Religious (when not Evil)

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