Some material in this article may contain graphically explicit material; this may upset certain viewers.

Tim Kretschmer (July 26th, 1991 – March 11th, 2009) was the perpetrator of the shooting at Winnenden and Wendlingen in which 16 people were killed.

He first went to the Albertville-Realschule, his former school, where he shot people indiscriminately with his Beretta 92 FS INOX semi-automatic handgun, where he killed 12 students. Most of his victims were shot in the head. Then he escaped and killed a gardener of a nearby mental hospital.

After that, he carjacked a van and forced the driver to drive towards Wendlingen. The driver asked why he was doing this, where as to the reply was that he did it "for fun" in German. The hostage then drove towards a grass verge and leapt out of his van. Tim Kretschmer then ran towards a car showroom and fatally shot a customer and sales assistant. The police arrived and shot Tim Kretschmer in the leg. Shortly after, he commited suicide via gunshot to the head.


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